Sadke Punjab Ton (Album)

2014 | Smooth Fusion Records

Anita embraced a culture and now is seen as an ambassador of Punjab. She continues her journey with the release of her second Punjabi album "SADKE PUNJAB TON".

While many may see this European’s beauty’s accomplishments as a complete chapter in her life, Anita continues to study and embrace Punjab and its richness. The album SADKE PUNJAB TON chronicles her life experiences with the help of her respected teachers, talented lyricists, and dedicated producers. Each song tell a tale and Anita wants the fans to connect to her music on a deeper level. Apart from traditional Punjabi songs, the album also introduces Anita to the Hindi speaking community with the song “India.”
Anita refers to the album as her ode to the culture that has transformed her life.

Songs on album:
1. Sadke Punjab Ton
2. Sammi
3. Main Koka Laina
4. India
5. Chandani
6. Jugni
7. Merea Ranjha

Bonus Tracks:
8. Mahia Ve (feat. Stephan Grabowski)
9. Soniye (feat. Vicky Singh & Stephan Grabowski)