Heer from Denmark (Album)

2006 | Goyal Music

While trekking in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, Anita was invited to Punjab, where she became enchanted by the Punjabi music and decided to stay and learn more about the culture behind the music. One year later her first Punjabi album ‘Heer from Denmark’ became a reality and was released under the Bathinda based record company Goyal Music. Little did she know that it was going to give her a breakthrough in the Punjabi music industry, as she became the first non-Asian woman from the West to sing and release a solo album in the Punjabi language. Anita was under the guidance of Anurag Sood and his family from Hoshiarpur. Rattan Singh, Satvinder Singh and Bhupinder Singh also helped her with the Punjabi language, music and culture. Without the guidance and support from all these wonderful people the album would never have become a reality.

Jassi Brothers from Garhshanker produced all the music and lyricists like Chann Gorayanwala, Satwinder Bhanewala, Jaggi Singh and Anita herself wrote songs for the album. On the CD, among other songs, you can hear Anita’s favorite song, which is the legendary romance of ‘Heer’ by Waris Shah.

Songs on album:
1. Gori
2. Mallo Malli
3. Koka
4. Nacha Lai
5. Passport feat. Anita Lerche & G.P. Bali
6. Mela
7. Heer
8. Classic Remix
9. Goddess