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Anita Lerche

The album ‘Love Is My Religion’ conveys a strong message of love and unity across all borders and religions. The title song is a unique and beautiful fusion of east and west. Anita Lerche wrote all the songs herself and produced the album together with GRAMMY® Award Winner Jim “Kimo” West.

Anita Lerche is an internationally acclaimed award-winning Singer-Songwriter. Known as ‘Heer from Denmark’ she was the first non-Asian woman from the West to release an album in Punjabi in 2006. After more than a decade in the South Asian music scene, she was honored to receive the ‘Special Contribution Award’ at the UK Bhangra Awards, 2019. Anita’s 5th solo album ‘Love Is My Religion’ is created to inspire you to live your best life and help you find your own unique path by following your heart. Let go of fear and let your light shine bright like a diamond. ‘Love Is My Religion’ won Anita Lerche the Global Music Awards 2021 for ‘Best Female Vocalist’.

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Thank you for your consideration of my album ‘Love Is my Religion’.

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Anita Lerche



“A completely lovable album from a beautiful songbird. This will raise your spirits and warm your heart immediately.” 
“What better time in our lifetimes for unity and love than right now? ‘Love Is My Religion,’ the 5th solo album by the beautiful songbird, and Billboard charting artist, Anita Lerche, is about letting go, following your heart, and spreading more love and unity in the world across boundaries, borders, and religions. “It is time to fly. . .” That is quite so.” 

Read the full review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), and Spirit Seeker Magazine:

“…. it is a blissful compilation of positivity, honesty, and love, sung with such a textured vocal quality, and produced and performed in a colorful multi-instrumental style, how could one not adore an album of this quality and called, ‘Love is my Religion’ by Anita Lerche.”

Read the full review by Steve Sheppard for One World Music Radio:


“Anita’s music is the type of music that will heal your Soul. Start by listening to ‘Love Is My Religion’ and you will understand why I say this. The lyrics are beautifully channeled into a creation of healing sounds lifting your Spirit. Anita has the incredible ability to channel this loving musical creation bringing healing to everyone. Thank you, Anita Lerche, for this beautiful healing meditative album…I love it!”
Kirn Lall – Ambassador of Light

“In this time of all times, music like this heals the heart and spirit. Anita’s powerful voice has transformed moments of mine when my heart feels broken…and to remember hope and beauty.” 
Lily Kessler – Nourished Heart

“Love this album! Anita’s voice, music, and lyrics bring an overwhelming feeling of peace to my soul. Highly recommended!”
Salma Taman – Artist

“What a beautiful album!! Besides Anita’s amazingly beautiful voice the songs are personal, emotional, and soul-touching! ‘Follow Your Heart’ is my personal favorite! It touches home for me. ‘Love Is My Religion’ is another amazing song with a super powerful meaning! We could all learn from it!”
Jami Stevens Barker

“This album shows Anita’s diverse versatility, a refreshing break away from her previous albums, but with still the flavor in the title track. Her vocals are clear and crisp, and you cannot help, but be transported emotionally as you listen to the lyrics. There is something for everyone. I also found the ‘Love Is My Religion’ video outstanding. This is an elegant and eloquent album, from this great singer-songwriter with outstanding production.”
Cheryl Graham

“This album has a particularly soothing and calm sound. Each song shares a message of hope and spirit, with beautiful lyrics and soulful music.” 
Laura Slick 

“Best soul-touching album!” 
Amreet Randhawa

“Anita Lerche, you have the voice of an angel and a heart bigger than the sky!”
Bobbi Bosch

“I was looking for something soothing and I found it! The instruments mixed with the vocal take me to a place of tranquility and inner peace. Been on repeat for days now.” 
Soren Hjorth